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Karl Sanders
Photo by Nill Silver

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NILE's KARL SANDERS Streams New Solo Song "Skull F*ck Ritual (Skull Breach Edition)"

No skulls were penetrated during the making of this single. Probably.

Nile frontman Karl Sanders will release his new solo album Saurian Apocalypse on July 22, and is now streaming the new single "Skull Fuck Ritual (Skull Breach Edition)." For such an aggressively-named song, the track has a swaying atmosphere that certainly doesn't make you feel like your skull is about to be penetrated. Well, except for the occasional background screams. Their skulls may very well be fucked. Though what do I know, either – my skull remains unfucked.

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"'Skull Fuck Ritual' was one of the earlier songs written for Saurian Apocalypse and it set the tone for much of the recording that followed. This song has a slow, hypnotic, ancient ritualistic vibe that will softly caress and then crack open your skull for Necromantic Carnal Communion with the Ancients. Please don’t listen to this track while driving or operating heavy machinery.”

Saurian Apocalypse features original Nile drummer Pete Hammoura and returning Saurian vocalist Mike Breazeale, as well as a guest appearance by guitar virtuoso Rusty Cooley. Pre-orders for Saurian Apocalypse are available here.

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