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Dude Plays Both Solos From MESHUGGAH's "Marrow" On Soprano Saxophone

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Dude Plays Both Solos From MESHUGGAH's "Marrow" On Soprano Saxophone

Multi-instrumentalist Brian Krock of the big band Big Heart Machine is all about Frederick Thordendal's guitar playing. Krock took Meshuggah's song "Marrow" and transcribed both of Thordendal's solos for soprano saxophone, and as an added bonus has published the sheet music and explained why he did it.

Enjoy the total insanity. As for Krock, wow. Great job.

The above video is a transcription of Frederick Thordendal’s two incredible solos on “Marrow,” from Meshuggah’s seventh studio album, Koloss (2012). As I was learning this behemoth masterpiece, I realized that these two contrasting solos are filled with a wealth of incredibly deep harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic information. So, I undertook the following analysis project to educate myself, and I hope some of you readers will be inspired to utilize some of Thordendal’s ingenius ideas in your own musical endeavors.

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