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Here's A Contemporary Dance Collective Performing To MESHUGGAH

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Here's A Contemporary Dance Collective Performing To MESHUGGAH

It's cool. Strange, but cool.

Careless Motion, a contemporary art collective named after Meshuggah themselves, has premiered a new video/installment titled 'Dance On Meshuggah." It's pretty out there, and the description is pretty dense, but overall the video is awesome.

A cover tribute to Meshuggah (on the song Lethargica) where the obsessional riffs are played on the electric violin and the lyrics are screamed out by the dancer.

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Growing individualism, widening inequality, violence, manipulation, provocation; a killing machine is on its way. This short movie deals with the identity of an individual who is both an actor in, and spectator of the human decline. A contemporary dance, backed by death metal music, reflects his reaction in the face of his inevitable falling.

What do you think?

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