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Who You Gonna Call? Probably JENS KIDMAN, Because This Ghostbusters-Goes-MESHUGGAH Cover Rules

"They ain't afraid of no polyrhythms"

The iconic Ghostbusters theme song – catchy, familiar, a pop culture staple. But what if it got… possessed by demons of technical metal?

Musician Otu of Moonic Productions has dared to ask that very question, unleashing a mind-bending mashup that throws the Ghostbusters theme into a mosh pit with Swedish metal titans Meshuggah.

Imagine the iconic opening riff – still recognizable – but now pummeled by a barrage of ultra-fast drums and djent-heavy guitars. Otu captures the essence of Meshuggah's sound, from the ferocious vocals to the signature rhythmic complexity that leaves heads spinning (in a good way).

Otu's a veteran of these genre-bending experiments. In another video creation, he transformed Van Halen's "Jump" into a Slayer-esque anthem for despair. He even threw in some physical comedy for good measure, channeling Slayer frontman Tom Araya's signature flowing locks with a well-placed spaghetti wig. Check that one below.

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