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Photo by Michael R.C.

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ANDREW WK's New Single "Babalon" is the Heaviest, Darkest Song He's Ever Done

Organs? Metal riffs? Who is this new Andrew W.K.?

Andrew W.K., usually known for his good time party anthems, is back with a much darker and heavier single "Babalon". Gone are the days of major-key anthems to blast at midnight, here are the days are organs and straight up metal riffs to great effect. Seriously, if this is the new road Andrew W.K. is going down with his upcoming material, I'm already on board.

“With ‘Babalon’, we wanted the audience to slink back down Andrew’s tower and storm the gateway to the city of pyramids with him, or someone who looks like him," said video director Michael R.C. "We had all been working really hard to lay thee gagging monster down, so it would dwell forever in the chasm of frivolous forming. All these images come from there, from where it’s going. That’s where we put Andrew.”

"Babalon" is available both physically and digitally here.

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