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SuidAkrA frontman talks new album, discuss video premiere with Metal Injection

by: Noa Avior

This year will be a busy one for my homeboys from Germany, SuidAkrA. They recently completed their forthcoming album, The Book of Dowth which is set to be released in March on AFM records. They are scheduled to tour Europe in the spring with Onslaught and Debauchery and (from what my inside sources tell me) the US next winter.

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This week SuidAkrA revealed the cover art for The Book of Dowth and Metal Injection will be the first to air the video for "Dowth 2059", which premieres tomorrow has been posted for viewing here! Instead of writing a blurb based on a press release I decided to pester my friend Arkadius (frontman) via Facebook to get to the nitty gritty of what this album will be all about. Here is the impromptu interview:

The Book of Dowth deals with the darker elements of celtic folklore-how is this going to be implemented into your music?
We created the story concept roughly before we started to write the songs, which meant we knew in which direction we should go in every single song. This time there were a lot of different atmospheres to create. For us it was like writing a movie soundtrack. On “Crógacht” it was the first time we've started to write songs in that kind of way. This time we had much more experience, which made the songwriting easier for us.

Are you guys done recording? Will you have any special guests on this album?
Yeah, we had a great time in the studio. I love to be creative during the recordings. We always try to develop the songs in the studio. This is also the reason why we involved some guest musicians like we did on the previous album Crógacht. We have Metti (Singer of the Band Perzonal War) who did some clean vocals and my favorite female singer Tina Stabel. We worked with her 3 times before but this time she blew me away with her voice….

What is the story behind the cover art?
The artwork connects all the aspect from the lyrical story, which is inspired by the darker side of Celtic lore. The concept of “Book Of Dowth” chronicles the mythology of a mysterious race of demonic beings known as the “Fomor”. Starting with the discovery of an ancient book at the excavation of Dowth (a Neolithic passage tomb in the Boyne Valley, Ireland). It unveils the yet untold story of the rise and fall of the Fomorian horde throughout history and far, far beyond.

Also, Metal Injection is premiering the video for Dowth 2059 tomorrow. I haven't seen it yet and without spoiling too much can you describe how the video relates to the song?
You should check this out it kicks ass hahaha…

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The clip tells the story where the book was found by a person who was led by dark daemons to enter the grave, open the book and release the evil. This is one of the most important themes in the story. We had a lot of fun shooting the clip especially me playing that possessed figure. With the long beard I look like a Southern Rock Singer hahahahaha

Stay tuned for the world premiere of "Dowth 2059" tomorrow exclusively on Metal Injection!
Visit to learn more about this great band.

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