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This week felt like both a slow week for albums and a huge week for albums. There were not that many new releases that I was excited about, but what did drop, dropped hard. Well three of them were exciting anyway. It's all about quality over quantity this week friends. Lets get to the metals…

Demon Lung – The Hundredth NameDemon-Lung-The-Hundredth-Name-Artwork

Genre: Doom Metal
Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada
Label: Candlelight

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It would be easy to compare this band to Royal Thunder. Female-fronted doom metal is all the same, right? Not in this case. Demon Lung are much heavier, much more a lurching feel to it, and much more epic. Casual fans of doom might not enjoy the lack of diversity, but doom die-hard should certainly check this one out.

Megadeth – Super ColliderMegadeth-Super-Collider

Genre: Thrash
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Tradecraft

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This album has been getting some heat lately. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s not anything special, but it’s on par with everything Dave Mustaine and his ever-revolving cast of musicians have released since their comeback on 2004’s The System Has Failed. It’s got some fast thrashy numbers and some mid-tempo songs. So the usual. David Draiman does indeed show up, but you would have probably already skipped those tracks by the time he shows up. Those songs, while not bad, easy to skip and not miss. It’s not Rust In Peace, and nothing Mustaine releases will be again. It’s just a collection of new songs you’ll have to get through to hear the stuff you like should you see them live.

Queens of the Stone Age – …Like ClockworkQueens-of-the-Stone-Age-Like-Clockwork-620x620

Genre: Desert Rock
Origin: Palm Desert, California
Label: Matador

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After a six year wait, Josh Homme and the gang release this morose follow-up to the fine, but not amazing Era Vlugaris. Without going off the deep end again about how I feel about this album (I’ve already made my apparent in this review right here), I can say that the overall vibe is somewhere between Lullabies to Paralyze and Era Vulgaris. It’s pretty weird, which is standard for QotSA, and features quite a few guests, also standard for Queens. Keep your ears peeled for Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, Brody Dalle, Mark Lanegan, Trent Reznor, and Elton John.

Suidakra – Eternal Defiancesuidakraeternalcd

Genre: Folk Metal
Origin: Dusseldorf, Germany
Label: AFM

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There hasn’t really been anything too exciting as far as interesting folk metal in a while (if there has hip me to it). It’s nice hearing that this band is finding a way to do something like Turisas without as much silliness or like Finntroll without all the trolls. I was happy to learn that these guys have an extensive catalog (this is album number eleven) which is apparently just as diverse and interesting.

Also out today

Artlantica – Across The Seven Seas (SPV)
Be'Lakor – Of Breath And Bone (Kolony)
Bruce Soord & Jonas Renske – Wisdom Of Crowds (Kscope)
Colosso – Abrasive Peace (Mulligore)
Cynthesis – ReEvolution (Sensory)
Darkall Slaves – Abysses of Seclusion (Kaotoxin)
Days Of Anger – Rise Above It All (Coroner)
Death Valley Driver – Graveyard Death (Diminished Fifth)
De Profundis – The Emptiness Within (Kolony)
Eshtadur – Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me (Gate Of Horror)
Fair Warning – Sundancer (SPV)
Gothminister – Utopia (AFM)
Gyze – Fascinating Violence (Coroner)
The Kolmas – Kolmas Testi (Ektro)
Magnus Rising – Whatever It Takes (L8R)
Metal Mike – The Metalworker (CMM)
Mirthless – A Dirge For Your Suicide (Dunkelheit)
Naam – Vow (Tee Pee)
Powerworld – Cybersteria (SPV)
Pylon – The Harrowing Of Hell (Roxx)
Revelation's Hammer – Revelation's Hammer (My Kingdom)
Set And Setting – Equanimity (Science Of Silence)
Shoot The Girl First – Follow The Clouds (Artery)
Slussenanalys – Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos (Ektro)
Sofy Major – Idolize (Solar Flare)
Various Artists – Bloodbrothers II: A Compilation of Recordings by Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus (Pitch Black)
Your Chance To Die – The American Dream (Red Cord)
Zombie Sam – Self Conscious Insanity (Coroner)

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