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PORCUPINE TREE Announces Deluxe Version Of 2005 Album Deadwing

Featuring B-sides, demos, and a live album.

Porcupine Tree 2022 (Photo by Alex Lake)
Porcupine Tree (Photo by Alex Lake)

Porcupine Tree is revisiting their 2005 album Deadwing with a deluxe reissue. The reissue features a 2018 remaster of the album by Steven Wilson, a handful of B-sides, a disc full of demos and instrumental jams, and a 77 minute live album recorded for the Rockpalast, Germany broadcast from 2005. The reissue also comes with a documentary titled Never Stop The Car An A Drive In The Dark, a 108-page book with an in-depth history of the band by Stephen Humphries, and rare photographs taken from Lasse Hoile and the band's personal archives.

Deadwing famously features guest guitars and vocalist from Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt and guitar solos from King Crimson's Adrian Belew. The album was intended to become a movie based on a script written by Wilson, but the movie never materialized.

The reissue is out March 3 and is available here.

Disc 1

  1. "Deadwing"
  2. "Shallow"
  3. "Lazarus"
  4. "Halo"
  5. "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here"
  6. "Mellotron Scratch"
  7. "Open Car"
  8. "Start Of Something Beautiful"
  9. "Glass Arm Shattering"

Disc 2

  1. "Revenant""
  2. "So Called Friend"
  3. "Shesmovedon"
  4. "Mother And Child Divided"
  5. "Half Light"

Disc 3

  1. "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Demo)"
  2. "Godfearing (Demo)"
  3. "Lazarus (Demo)"
  4. "Open Car (Demo)"
  5. "Vapour Trails (Demo)"
  6. "Shallow (Demo)"
  7. "Deadwing (Demo)"
  8. "Mother And Child Divided (Demo)"
  9. "Instrumental Demo 1"
  10. "Halo (Demo)"
  11. "Instrumental Demo 2"
  12. "So Called Friend (Demo)"
  13. "Glass Arm Jam"

Disc 4

  1. "Never Stop the Car on a Drive in the Dark (Deadwing documentary)"
  2. "Lazarus (promo video)"
  3. "Deadwing (remastered album 96/24 LPCM stereo)"
  4. "Deadwing B-sides (96/24 LPCM stereo"
  5. "Deadwing 5.1 surround sound mix (by Elliot Scheiner and SW)"
  6. "Intro (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  7. "Blackest Eyes (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  8. "Lazarus (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  9. "Futile (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  10. "Interview (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  11. "Mother And Child Divided (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  12. "So Called Friend (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  13. "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  14. "Sound Of Muzak (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  15. "Interview 2 (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  16. "Start Of Something Beautiful (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  17. "Halo (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  18. "Interview 3 (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  19. "Radioactive Toy (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
  20. "Trains (Rockpalast WDR TV broadcast)"
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