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Mors Princpium Est has been my shining example of where melodic death metal should be heading for close to a decade now. They're faster, catchier, contain more layers, no clean vocals, and are better song writers than most of the bands we see come from this genre of metal. It's safe to say I might have mentioned to my metal brothers how excited I am about new MPE, but nothing pleases me more than the fact they just set a release date for …and Death said live in December 2012.

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I wrote about their upcoming record back in 2010, but with an unfortunate turn of events it appears the band has gone through some line up changes, leading to a later release. Normally this would lead me to wonder if the sound will change, but considering MPE is one of those bands where every release is stellar yet sounds nothing like the one before it, I imagine it probably doesn't change much. It appears the new record will also feature some guest musicians such as Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder, and Jona Weinhofen of Bring Me The Horizon. Overall, it's hard to have an expectation of a band that constantly keeps you guessing.

Personally, as the genre continues to grow stale and unoriginal I'm hoping this is the record that puts MPE on a world wide map. If there has been any band deserving of much more attention out there, I certainly think it's these guys.

I posted some jams below, DIG IN!

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