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Bring Me the Horizon

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Best of 2020

10. KILLER BE KILLEDReluctant HeroNuclear Blast Records One of those rare supergroups that actually deserves the name. You can definitely hear the contributions from...

Shocking Revelations

Fans are listening to the new Bring Me The Horizon EP that was released on Friday, and they noticed a familiar riff. The opening...

Latest Bring Me the Horizon Music Videos

Music Videos

Bring Me The Horizon's stream of power rock songs continues with their new single, "Obey" which premiered today. The band collaborated with fellow British...

Music Videos

Bring Me The Horizon are constantly expanding their sound, and that's on full display with their catchy new single, "Parasite Eve." The first part...

Music Videos

You might be wondering "how the hell did Bring Me The Horizon convince Academy Award-winning actor Forest Whitaker to appear in one of their...

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Latest Bring Me the Horizon Reviews


It’s been a little too long since we’ve seen something new from Bring Me The Horizon. They’re one of the more respected names in...

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Latest Bring Me the Horizon Live Footage

Live Footage

There is no doubt in my mind that Metallica is an influence on Bring Me The Horizon, and likely not just musically, but business-wise...

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