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Weekly Injection


This edition features some solo outings, an epic supergroup, Dave Mustaine's glorious head of hair and more! To the metals…

Abbath – Abbath 514b-yqx9EL

Genre: Black metal
Origin: Bergen, Norway
Label: Season Of Mist

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Abbath of Immortal is now leading his own solo effort, and you might be surprised to find that it sounds a lot like Immortal. There are some added elements that I wasn't expecting though, like horn stings in "Ashes of the Damned" and a few other moments. If you've dug the last decade of Immortal, you'll dig this.


Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Arc EP 91m9-0us11L._SL1500_

Genre: Death metal/Sludge
Origin: Springfield, Massachusetts
Label: Relapse

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Those waiting for this band's full-length follow-up to 2009's Agorapocalypse will need to keep waiting, but here's an ep while you do so. This EP features more straight ahead grooves than I was expecting. So if you want your Nosebleed with a little southern flair and boogie, you should be pretty stoked right now.


Borknagar – Winter Thrice 9183P3m9XjL._SL1500_

Genre: Progressive Folk Metal
Origin: Bergen, Norway
Label: Century Media

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I wrote a full review that you might now agree with. Should be up soon or now, TL;DR version, this is a typical Borknagar album with everything you'd come to expect from one of the most epic supergroups. Frankly too much familiarity though.


Grieved – Grieved 81VYy3XvgVL._SL1476_

Genre: Death metal/hardcore
Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
Label: Prosthetic

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Look at that album cover. Screams black metal, right? Fucking nope! That's what I get for judging a band by its album cover. Anyway, this isn't grim at all, but rather some hardcore infused death metal (or perhaps death metal infused hardcore?). Straight-forward, no frills, which isn't a bad thing if you're looking for a good aural assault.


Megadeth – Dystopia 813OJdS5mfL._SL1400_

Genre: Thrash
Origin: Los Angeles, California
Label: Universal / Tradecraft

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There's a lot riding on this release following a few records that were pretty much universally panned. The little I've heard has some of the 90's Megadeth vibe that people dug (Countdown to ExtinctionYouthanasia). I'm looking forward to hearing everything what Kiko Loureiro and Chris Adler can do in this setting. I really want to love this record, but I'll have to see what happens on Friday. 


Steven Wilson – 4 1/2 61xEuokJStL._SL1001_

Genre: Progressive
Origin: Kingston upon Thames, England
Label: Kscope

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I'm a pretty vocal champion of Mr Wilson's solo work and enjoyed Hand. Cannot. Erase. This mini-album (Not an EP, I guess) is more material that didn't fit on that album, but that has a very similar atmosphere. Features a re-recording of the Porcupine Tree track "Don't Hate Me" with Hand collaborator Ninet Tayeb and it's fucking beautiful. This will hold me over until the next album and tour.


Also dropping today…

Axel Rudi Pell – Game Of Sins (SPV) – Heavy metal
The Casualties – Chaos Sound (Season Of Mist) – Punk
Chronos Zero – Hollowlands (Scarlet) – Progressive
Elvenking – The Night Of Lights Live DVD/CD (AFM) Escalane – The Days Of Decay(Inverse) – Folk metal
Failure Anthem – First World Problems (Razor & Tie) – "Active rock"
Gygax – Critical Hits (Creator Destructor) – D&D inspired Stoner
Hell In The Club – Shadow Of The Monster (Scarlet) – Hard rock
Latitudes – Old Sunlight (Debemur Morti) – Sludge
Lionheart – Love Don't Live Here (LHHC) – Heavy metal/lioncore
Mandroid Echostar – Coral Throne (Distort) – Mancore
Manic Scum – Acidic Remains (Unspeakable Axe) – Death metal/grindcore
Manimal – Trapped In The Shadows (AFM) – Mancore
MarysCreek – Infinity (Escape) – Heavy metal
Mortuary – Nothingless Than Nothingness (Goregeous) – Death metal
Naora – Allir Vegir Til Glötunar (Signal Rex) – Atmospheric black  metal
Ondt Blod – Finnmark (Loyal Blood) – Hardcore
One Morning Left – Metalcore Superstars (Imminence) – Probably metalcore
Peace Killers – Peace Killers (Svart) – Psychedelic Doom
Seer – Vol. 1 & 2 (Art Of Propaganda) – Doom
Show Me Wolves – The World They Took Over (Merdumgriz) – Progressive Black Metal/Metalcore
Slaegt – Beautiful and Damned EP (Iron Bonehead) – Black metal
Temple Below – The Dark Goddess EP (Iron Bonehead) – Death metal
Thor – I Am Thor Soundtrack (Deadline) – Heavy metal
Various Artists – The Doom In Us All: A Tribute To Black Sabbath (Pathogenic) – Doom
Wolfhorde – Towards The Gates Of North (Inverse) – Folk/black metal
Wrathrone – Born Beneath (Inverse) – Death metal

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