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FEAR FACTORY's New Album Genexus Will Feature JOURNEY's Drummer On A Track

What the actual fuck?

What the actual fuck?

So here's a bit of news you might have heard whilst perusing the Internet lately- Fear Factory will be releasing Genexus on August 7 via Nuclear Blast Records. It'll be the first record from Fear Factory since 2012's The Industrialist and I'm sure it's going to be pretty good considering the band's track record.

Here's a bit of news you might not have heard- the album will feature Journey drummer Deen Castronovo on one track. At least that's what guitarist Dino Cazares said in a recent interview with Horns Up Rocks transcribed by Blabbermouth.

"Yeah, it gives it more of a natural feeling… definitely more of a natural feeling. Obviously, when you start recording, you can add sounds and you can manipulate the sounds any way you want it to sound like. So it's kind of a hybrid between organic and digital; that's what this record sounds like. And I think that's what makes it sound really good. Albums like 'Demanufacture' and 'Obsolete' were the same type of hybrid, and that was the approach that we took on the drums on this record. Also, Deen Castronovo, the drummer of Journey, actually played on one of the tracks on the album."

Well, that's an addition to the new record I absolutely didn't see coming. I wonder who knew who? Also, I wonder what kind of song Castronovo is drumming on? I can't picture the dude ripping some straight up industrial metal, though who knows? Weirder shit has happened.

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