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DEFTONES Fans Have Figured Out The Title Of The New Album

Also, Chino sort of gave away the game.

deftones chinomoreno

Deftones have been teasing that they will be releasing a new album in September, and the teases really intensified this week. Some sleuthing fans have put together the tease and realized the band was slowly hinting at the title of their new album.

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The assumption is that the new album is called Ohms. How did fans come to this assumption?

Well, Deftones have released new lyric visualizers for some old songs, “One Weak,” “Hexagram,” “Minerva” and "Street Carp" – fans put together that the first letter of each of those words spells Ohms.

But where did "Ohms" come from? A Reddit thread from a month ago mentions an offhanded comment Chino Moreno made in an interview saying the new album title was Ohms, but that portion of the interview was quickly removed, and various sites were asks to remove any references to it.

An ohm, drawn as the symbol Ω is the standard unit of electrical resistance between two points of a conductor.

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We're guessing the band will reveal more before the week is over.

Update: A few hours after this post was published, the band confirmed the release date of the album is September 25, 2020.

DEFTONES New Album Release Date Confirmed By LA Billboard

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