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DEAD CROSS Just About Done With A New Album

Friggin' pandemic held things up.


Dead Cross, the band that consists of ex-Slayer & Suicidal Tendencies drummer Dave Lombardo on drums, Faith No More vocalist Mike Patton, Retox guitarist Mike Crain, and The Locust bassist Justin Pearson, is almost done with a new album!

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According to Lombardo in an interview with The MetalSucks Podcast, Dead Cross finished up recording new music in 2019 but got held up in the process to the pandemic. He adds Patton has a few vocal takes to do, and hopes that the record can be released later this year.

"The music is done. Music was wrapped up back in late December 2019, and obviously, the pandemic broke and slowed everything down," he said. I think Patton has a couple more tracks to wrap up and we should be done… hopefully late 2021 release? I know he had a lot of projects that he had to wrap up including Tomahawk and several others.

"So you know, it’s there. It’s waiting."

In the meantime, enjoy Dead Cross' cover of Black Flag's "Rise Above" featuring a sample of that one dude that told the LAPD to "Suck my dick and choke on it! I yield my time! Fuck you!" released in 2020.

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