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CONVERGE & MUTOID MAN Have New Music Ready To Be Recorded

Mutoid Man also has a new album ready to go

Drummer Ben Koller has revealed to the BREWtally Speaking Podcast that both his bands Converge and Mutoid Man have new music ready to go. Koller said the obvious holdup with both is being able to safely get into the studio, but he does promise there will be new material coming from both bands!

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"Yeah Converge, we have a ton of stuff ready to go. We just need to get in the studio and sort of hash it out. I think right now I’m at the point where I’m just ready to move on and start doing stuff, because I’m going crazy here not being able to tour and stuff. So I’m ready to fly back to Massachusetts—safely obviously—and get some stuff done.

"So Converge has stuff, Mutoid Man basically has a whole record ready to go. We just had to get the studio, find the time, but you know it’s a weird time and a lot of weird life stuff going on and yes, it’s, it’s just very strange.

"I mean I’m definitely stoked to record stuff but yeah it’s just a really weird time right now, but yeah expect new material it’s coming. Maybe slowly, but it’s coming."

Converge's new music will be their first since their 2017 full-length The Dusk in Us and ensuing EP Beautiful Ruin, while Mutoid Man's new music will be their first since their 2017 record War Moans.

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In the meantime, definitely go check out the new Killer Be Killed single here. Killer Be Killed is one of Koller's many other bands, featuring Greg Puciato (The Black Queen, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Max Cavalera (Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly), and bassist and vocalist Troy Sanders (Mastodon, Gone is Gone).

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