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BROKEN HOPE Working On A New Album

Due out in either 2022 or 2023.

Broken hope

According to guitarist Jeremy Wagner, Broken Hope is working on the follow-up to their 2017 album Mutilated And Assimilated. Wagner revealed the news while also discussing the band's landmark 1991 album Swamped In Gore turning 30 this year.

"This past weekend, Broken Hope celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of our first album, Swamped In Gore.

"I mentioned in a video for This Day In Metal that it only seems like yesterday that I was writing music and lyrics for this first album. It was exciting to be so young and have a record deal and to quickly be signed to the greatest metal label on earth: Metal Blade Records.

"Swamped In Gore is part of my heart and always a part of Broken Hope's live concerts. I'm extremely proud of this album and the life that it's taken on over these last 30 years, This record – like all records in the world – is immortal. Here's to generations of death metal fans to come, discovering this debut album by a youthful Broken Hope.

"I'd like to add, for those who are wondering when Broken Hope is going to have a new album out, the answer is, we hope to have something out in 2022/2023. Mike (Miczek) and I have written around 5 new songs for our 8th studio album. As long as I'm here and burrowing in for winter, I'm going to keep writing my ass off…the riffs and the lyrics are flowing quite nicely. Cheers!"

If you've never checked out Swamped In Gore before, do it below! It's a great record.

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