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CHARLIE BENANTE & BROKEN HOPE's JEREMY WAGNER & Hollywood FX Legend NICK MARRA Unveil New Jaws Tribute Collectible In Chicago

They got a bigger boat.

Photo by Justin Mohlman

Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner is more than just a musician and award winning author. He's a fan: particularly of horror movies ever since he was a young kid. Wagner has also become known as quite the collector when it comes to horror movie memorabilia. Wagner's haul includes impressive artifacts spanning decades of horror cinema, including exclusive posters and actual film props from some of the best horror movies ever made.

One of Wagner's favorite films has always been Steven Spielberg's underwater beach-stalker classic, Jaws. Wagner has a “Jaws museum” in his Chicago home, where he has taken his love for the film to the next level. An incredibly cool Jaws fan page, The Daily Jaws, connected with Wagner to announce his latest score: a life size sculpture of Quint—the wieldy fisherman and original anti-hero—in the infamous “Town Hall meeting” scene of Jaws, created by legendary Hollywood sculptor, FX and makeup artist Nick Marra. (As a side note: I'm a big fan of The Daily Jaws; their Instagram account is fantastic if you're a fan of the beloved shark tale, like Wagner and myself.)

To celebrate the occasion, Wagner was joined by Marra, Charlie Benante of Anthrax, and The Daily Jaws for a "special summit" where the discussion focused on the "importance of Jaws in the world of horror, film and heavy metal."

Benante, of course, is also an avid fan of the original 1975 film, as can be seen in this tweet from 2013, when he scored some film swag of his own, before gifting it later to Wagner's collection. Fans of the film will instantly recognize the yellow barrels, which are featured prominently during the end sequences of the film's dramatic finale.

In a statement, Wagner said, "Charlie is one of my dearest friends and one of the biggest Jaws fans I know. We bonded over Jaws. In fact, Char has one of the yellow barrels from Jaws and I foster it in my Jaws museum. So, when I planned to do this Quint unveiling with Nick Marra, I absolutely HAD to have Charlie be a part of this amazing event. I also felt this event would not be complete without The Daily Jaws joining in. Ross Williams—founder of  The Daily Jaws—created the world’s biggest and greatest Jaws fan pages. Over the last several years, TDJ has amassed a titanic following and it’s all about the love of Jaws and celebrating one of the greatest movies EVER MADE! So, I wanted to give TDJ the exclusive on this—for all of the Jaws fans, for all of the followers of TDJ… Ross said, ‘yes,’ and here we are. How freaking awesome is this???!!!” 

You can watch the Jaws summit featuring Wagner, Benante, and Marra in the video below, and also by visiting The Daily Jaws website.

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