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Tim Lambesis Trial

AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE Album To Be Released In Spite Of Tim Lambesis' Ongoing Trial

It seems like the biggest question coming out of the ongoing Tim Lambesis trial from fans reading Metal Injection is not "oh are the kids okay?" or "how is wife doing?" It's actually "does this mean we won't get an Austrian Death Machine album, which I was very much looking forward to and donated money to and who cares if a family's life is ruined?"

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I may have exaggerated that last bit, but if you're one of those people wondering about new Austrian Death Machine, wonder no more…it's happening!

A new post on the Austrian Death Machine Facebook confirms the album is done:

UPDATE!!! Neaaaahhh!!!

Tim finished all of his parts back before he went on tour in Asia. He was just waiting for me to do my parts and put together the finishing touches on the mix of the album. I'm working on that this starting this week now that I have the files. The CD should be done soon and then we'll start planning to manufacture.

AKA the Gummy Bear of Candycornia
AKA 7 time Mr Olympia
AKA The Greatest Actor in the World

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Austrian Death Machine raised over $78,000 in crowdfunding for the album and it seems all too convienent that we are just getting an update now that Tim finished his vocals before his trip to Asia, which happened right before he got arrested for attempting to hire a hitman to murder his wife.

Which begs the question: who posted that update? It's obviously written from the perspective of "Ahhnuld," the frontman of the band, who is voiced by Chad Ackerman formerly of Destroy The Runner. Is Chad posting this update or did Tim post it? Surely it had to be Chad because Tim clearly has bigger things on his mind right?

Then again, with Lambesis released from prison and under house-arrest, perhaps he is spending his time finishing this record to get his mind off the looming trial kicking off on June 26th. Lambesis paid a bail bondsman $160,000 to be released on June 4th and has been under house arrest ever since. Read all of our coverage of the Lambesis trial here.

Are you excited at the possibility of new Austrian Death Machine?

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