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Another Day, Another SLIPKNOT Teaser

Posted by on July 23, 2014 at 3:05 pm

Okay, these are starting to get annoying. It's been about two weeks since the hype machine has started for the long awaited new Slipknot album. It started with a new logo and some quick blips, and then last week we saw a bit more random imagery and that's it.

Today, another new teaser was announced via the band's Facebook page:

The Cystic/Symbolic/Condition:
http://slipknot1.com/ Post by Slipknot.

And if you go to the website there will be random imagery. Thankfully, two Youtubers have already captured the clip:

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My question is how long does the band plan on doing this. It's starting to feel like these teasers are having the reverse effect of hyping the album… meaning, I am starting to get over caring about this new Slipknot record. They better release a music blip or SOMETHING other than these silly teasers soon or I feel like people will stop caring.

Are these teasers doing it for you, or no?

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