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20 Vinyl Reissues to Keep Your Ears Peeled for in 2018

A few hot reissues coming down the pipeline.

A few hot reissues coming down the pipeline.

Vinyl junkies, prep your wallets and open up another line of credit! 2018 is shaping up to be a fine year of metal record reissues, with a lil' sumpin' sumpin' for everybody. From the casual metalhead to the snobbiest diehard, from early '90s death metal to post-metal to Priest, here's a sampling of what's in store for the upcoming months.

Black Sabbath – Ten Year War (Box Set)

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If you missed the initial limited release back in October, the chance to score Black Sabbath's mega box set has come around once more. For the ultimate super fan, Ten Year War contains not just the first 8 full-length albums, but two 7" records and a bunch of other non-vinyl collectibles. You can score yours starting February 2nd.

Gorgoroth – Antichrist  

Old enough to be a college grad by now, this 1996 Gorgoroth essential is again making its way to vinyl via Soulseller Records. It looks like March 2nd is the day, so mark your calendars!

Immortal – Sons of Northern Darkness 

Three years after the fact, I'm still shook that Abbath isn't in Immortal anymore. While Demonaz and Horgh press onward with Peter Tägtgren this year, let us not forget this '02 classic. Cop the drop February 2nd.

Watain – Rapid Death's Curse

Watain's now 18-year-old debut LP has cemented itself as an authoritative piece in the black metal canon, and it's high time for a limited repressing on opaque red vinyl. All this will be yours January 26th!

Lacuna Coil – Karmacode 

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Has it really been 12 years already? Good lord, man. I can't speak for any of yous, but the nostalgia is definitely strong with this one. Snag the 2018 reissue when it drops February 9th.

Baphomet – The Dead Shall Inherit 

If early '90s New York death metal is your forte, then this re-press of a 1992 relic should tighten you right up. As of January 19th, this reissue is yours for the taking.

Therion – Of Darkness…

Damn, son. Before Therion went symphonic and were doing their thing in Swedish death metal's heyday, they released their first LP in 1991. It hasn't seen a rerelease since 2000, but it looks as though it's due again.

Cult of Luna – The Beyond

Sheer post-metal awesomeness that's rightfully earned a reissue some 15 years later. I have a funny story regarding this band and my girlfriend that she probably wouldn't appreciate me sharing here…how's that for a cliffhanger?

Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith 

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A reissue of the "30th Anniversary Edition" which came out in early 2015, this one's gotta be a no-brainer for any metal collector. I mean, it's the Priest for god's sake. The wait won't be long–you can pick this one up by January 26th.

Behemoth – The Apostasy 

The Polish extreme metal titans' 2007 release will be receiving an additional pressing February 2nd if you don't have a copy already (you probably should).

Accept – Death Row

Accept cranked out 10 albums by 1994 while you were still a twinkle in your father's ballsack. And even though their tenth record's quality may be arguable, it did manage to get re-pressed again, so there's that.

Napalm Death – Utopia Banished 

Another sentimental piece from the early '90s, and considered a gem by many, Napalm Death's 4th studio album celebrates 26 years of life with a February 16th vinyl revival.

Dimmu Borgir – Spiritual Black Dimensions Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia 

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Both stellar examples of nonsensical 3-word titles and badass symphonic black metal, SBD (teehee) and PEM were first released in 1999 and 2001 respectively. Fresh copies can both be found beginning on March 2nd.

Testament – DemonicThe Gathering Remastered, & First Strike Still Deadly  

Yes indeed, thrash metal veterans Testament are reissuing not one, but three (tree!), records this year. 1997's Demonic, a remaster of 1999's The Gathering, and 2001's compilation, First Strike Still Deadly. All three will be released on February 16th.

Fates Warning – Parallels

Old-school prog metallers Fates Warning are breathing new life into 1991's Parallels. Fun fact, Dream Theater's James LaBrie made a cameo as background vocalist on the second track. Hear it in all its 33 RPM glory January 26th.

Pestilence – Testimony of the Ancients 

Ok, so 2018 is starting to look like the resurgence of early '90s death metal, isn' it? Dutch dudes Pestilence dropped this baddie back in 1991, and now it's making a comeback as of January 19th.

Anthrax – We've Come for You All

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Roger Daltrey of The Who and Dimebag Darrell on an Anthrax record? I don't know what the hell was happening in 2003, but I like it! Relive that one sweet, sweet moment of new millennium glory starting January 26th.


Are there any hard rock/metal releases overdue for a reissue? Let us know in the comments below! 

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