Chris Fehn's Lawsuit Against SLIPKNOT Is In Mediation; Settlement Likely Imminent

We haven't checked in with Chris Fehn's lawsuit against Slipknot since the top of the year, and that's likely because…

6 days ago

METALLICA, TOOL & SLIPKNOT Nominated For Billboard Music Awards

Alongside a bunch of extremely not heavy bands.

7 days ago

Corey Taylor "Diplomatically" Throws SLIPKNOT & STONE SOUR Members Under The Bus

Who could Corey Taylor be talking about in these quotes?

2 weeks ago

SLIPKNOT, AT THE GATES & DEATH ANGEL Added To Wacken Open Air 2021

In Extremo, Sick Of It All, U.D.O., New Model Army and Fever 333 too!

2 weeks ago

SLIPKNOT's Corey Taylor To Anti-Maskers: Fuck You

In case you're wondering what Corey Taylor thinks about masks.

2 weeks ago

Corey Taylor Thinks Some SLIPKNOT Members Are "F***ing Miserable"

Which Slipknot member is Corey Taylor talking about?

4 weeks ago

COREY TAYLOR Went Solo Because His Songs "Didn't Make Sense" for SLIPKNOT & STONE SOUR

"I've recognized something in myself that really was just getting more and more important for me to show and share."

1 month ago

Corey Taylor Says He'll Know When it's Time for SLIPKNOT to End

"I've always said that the second that I'm doing this for reasons other than my absolute passion for doing it,…

2 months ago

COREY TAYLOR Says STONE SOUR Has "Run Its Course For Now"

Stone Sour is on "indefinite hiatus"

2 months ago

SLIPKNOT Inadvertently Confirm Identity of "Tortilla Man" With Sale of Mask Neck Gaiters

Oops! The face coverings do look really sweet though.

2 months ago

COREY TAYLOR Says "Stop Whining And Put Your God Damn Mask On"

“I once had to wear a full head mask for eight hours while doing Slipknot press. Eight hours straight –…

2 months ago

Corey Taylor Hates That "Safe" Rock Bands Are Getting All The Attention

Taylor says his solo material was written as a middle finger to the current rock output.

2 months ago

Corey Taylor Says His Solo Album Was "The Most Enjoyable Album" He's Done Since The First SLIPKNOT Record

Is he subtly throwing shade at his other bands or just talking about how much fun he had here?

2 months ago

COREY TAYLOR Offers Longer Tease of First Single

Tomorrow is day we hear all.

2 months ago

COREY TAYLOR Offers First Tease of Solo Material

A cameo by the Cherry Bombs too.

2 months ago

SLIPKNOT's "Knotfest At Sea" Postponed "For The Forseeable Future"

Slipknot's Knotfest At Sea, ahh, what could've been. Sadly, we won't know "for the forseeable future." It looks like the…

2 months ago


We're very excited for Corey Taylor's highly anticipated new solo album. While nothing official has been announced, last week's tease…

2 months ago

SLIPKNOT Bassist V-Man Ties The (Slip)Knot

We just had to make the joke!

3 months ago