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SLIPKNOT Surprise Releases New Single "Bone Church"

It's a very downtempo track.

Whoa! Slipknot is now streaming their completely-out-of-nowhere new single "Bone Church."

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According to percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan, the single is one that's been jammed backstage ever since the .5: The Gray Chapter tour, and has finally made it out into the world. If you're looking for a Slipknot rager, you're in the wrong place – this one is all about downtrodden tempos and muffled vocals. It's excellent.

"“On the road, we have a 'jam room' set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas," said Crahan of the single. "'Bone Church' started life in a jam room on the .5: The Gray Chapter tour. We’ve been bringing it closer and closer to life ever since, and finally, here it is. This one is for the fans – a further vision deeper into Slipknot's history, which is still being written. Enjoy."

A surprise standalone Slipknot single is very much in line with Crahan's vision for the band moving forward. In a recent interview, Crahan said that new chapter of the band might be more singles-focused. Or as he puts it, "absolute albums are going to be a thing of the past" because "physical product is becoming obsolete."

"I always thought, 'What would it be like if Slipknot was big enough that we weren't held to albums?' Let's say Clown could convince you, 'Hey, instead of waiting two years for 12 songs, I'm gonna give you one song every month.' So in reality, I'm shaving a year off for the same thing.

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"You have to go with me on this journey, but what I promise you is, there's artwork that goes with it, there's utility that goes with it, it's cheaper than what a normal individual song would be… And it's gone through all the filters — it's gone through the band, it's gone through [singer] Corey Taylor, it's gone through a professional mixer and masterer — no avenues have been chopped up, it's all business as usual. And we want to do this because I think it's time for you, our fans, to get everything."

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