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New Music

Chicago sludge miscreants Lord Mantis have returned despite founder/drummer Bill Bumgardner's suicide in 2016. His death is partly why the band decided to get...

New Music

Chicago sludge supergroup Lord Mantis has announced album details for its upcoming fourth album Universal Death Church, which is due out Nov. 22 via...

Upcoming Releases

Despite founding drummer, and sole original member, Bill Bumgardner's untimely death in 2016, Chicago blackened sludge vets Lord Mantis are carrying along as the...

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When one looks out across the heavy metal landscape and examines the commons threads, it's clear that the "Doom" variety of our beloved genre...


Beyond Black Sabbath, traditional doom puts me to sleep. My interest in the bleak arts is only piqued by the extraordinary; Pallbearer are precisely...


I've always thought of Krallice's music as a duel, envisioning the guitars feinting, parrying and maneuvering in abstract aural dimensions at ludicrous speed. About...

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