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Revelations of Doom

High on the Stench of Burning Death: COFFINWORM

Hey kids! Grim Kim has returned to darken your shores once again (i.e. I probably would've gotten kicked out if I'd stayed in the UK any longer – who knew the Border Patrol could be such sticklers about a silly little thing like visas?).  To celebrate my inglorious return, I've brought you all a treat: THE BEST BAND (from Indiana) EVER!

As always, Revelations of Doom strives to bring you the best of the worst and shed light on the darkest, nastiest, most subterranean corners of the extreme metal underground. If you like your riffs ugly, your church defiled, and your tempos crawling, welcome home. Tune in, drop out, doom on.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No? Three cheers for pragmatism, then. Personally, I never put much stock in the 'instant adoration' idea either. That is, until I met Coffinworm

taken from their metalarchives page

There are few things in this world that afford a greater rush than discovering a badass new band, unless you're into extreme sports or something, in which case you're clearly on a whole 'nother playing field (and possibly insane). But, for black/doom metal obsessives like yours truly, there's nothing like lowering the needle onto a fresh slab of wax (or, more likely, clicking on a newly-downloaded mp3) and being absolutely blown away by the first filthy note that issues forth. The dulcet tones of Coffinworm did just that, winning me over instantly with their menacing amalgamation of sludge, doom, black, and creeping death. Dirty, mean, and uncompromising, their 2009 'Great Bringer of Night' demo includes such chart-topping hits as "Strip Nude For Your Killer" and "High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains," and is damn near guaranteed to give anyone who loves Eyehategod as much as they love Darkthrone an instant sweatpants boner. Seriously? This band rules. HARD.

These Indiana doomsayers were recently recruited to the unfuckwithable Profound Lore roster and are destined to spew out their first full-length sometime in early 2010, after the Space Fox himself, knob twiddler extraordinaire Sanford Parker, gets through with it. All I can say is, BUY THAT SHIT or I will personally track you down and hand you a pink slip, 'cause if you're not into this band, you deserve to be fired from doom forevermore.

Download their 2009 demo  (fo' FREE!) right here, and with the band's blessing:

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