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One of the most influential metal acts of the last thirty years, Umeå, Sweden’s Meshuggah have cemented their legacy across the heavy music spectrum....


The year 1991 was truly transitional for a world of rock and metal – the big, bright hair metal acts that dominated the mid...

Tour Dates

Meshuggah are planning for a busy 2022. The Swedish metal masters have announced they will be returning to the U.S. in February for a...

Latest Meshuggah Music Videos

Music Videos

EP? Song? Whatever we're calling it here, it's insane.

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Latest Meshuggah Reviews


Replacire are delivering devastating tech death for a modern age. You know you want to dig into it.


While lacking in true surprises, The Violent Sleep of Reason does what it's supposed to do: scratch a familiar itch while staving off any...


In 2012, just about every new metal band clearly wants to prove to listeners that they know how to shred, blast, and groove simultaneously....

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Latest Meshuggah Live Footage

Live Footage

"Straws Pulled at Random" is still an absolute jam.

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