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Tomas Haake


Here's Why MESHUGGAH's TOMAS HAAKE Is Such A Unique Drummer

Aside from being a mutant.

If you're going to talk about metal drumming, there's no way Meshuggah's Tomas Haake doesn't come up at some point. But what makes his drumming so unique? Watch as Drumeo takes a deeper dive into all the strange grooves and blistering patterns Haake uses in Meshuggah's above, and have your mind blown.

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"Meshuggah's drummer was only 19 when he joined the award-winning band," said Drumeo of the video. "Tomas Haake is now known as one of the most influential drummers in heavy music and for good reason.

"His drumming incorporates syncopated rhythms and ghost notes, adding complexity and flavor to Meshuggah's music. Tomas often creates unusual drum grooves that don't follow typical conventions, and he experiments with programming drums in the computer world.

"From his double-kick skills and technical prowess to originating one of the most iconic metal drum parts of all time, let’s talk about why Tomas Haake has become such a legend in the drumming world."

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