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harakiri for the sky

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Best of 2021

Now that we're all wrapped up with our year-end lists of 2021, it's time to look at how all the albums stack up across...

Best of 2021

Narrowing this list down was easily one of the hardest things to do this year. The best thing to come out of the pandemic...

Best of 2021

For all the insanity that was 2021, we did get some awesome music out of it. Once again, I'm totally overwhelmed by the prospect...

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Music Videos

Prepare to feel at least a little downtrodden after this one.

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Latest harakiri for the sky Reviews


While its length can be felt at times, Mære becomes a compelling progression of Harakiri for the Sky's powerful brand of post-black metal.


The band’s newest record, Arson, continues the tradition of exuding streaks of heartbreaking feeling. Across the record’s eight songs, there comes a constant flow...

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