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Album Review: HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY Arson

Posted by on February 14, 2018 at 4:36 pm

Harakiri for the Sky’s newest record, Arson, continues the band's tradition of exuding heartbreaking emotion. The band's fourth full-length record has a constant flow of sadness and pain thanks to intricate uses of guitar rhythms that thrash and drone. This emotional aspect is the main selling point for Arson (while also becoming part of its weakness). Luckily, Harakiri for the Sky offers just enough variation to keep listeners engaged and allow them to take in all the emotion the band has to give.

“Fire, Walk With Me” begins with a twilight shine in its guitar rhythm while the drums keep a flooring tempo. As the vocals burst out, the guitar waivers in speed. These transitions help to spread emotion throughout the material, making it constantly wash over the listener. “The Graves We’ve Dug” starts out fresh, taking on somber vibes. Drumming thunders in as the guitar continues to present that same melancholic shine found in the previous track. There’s more of an evocative focus here. It allows deep feelings to sit longer and seep into the listener.

However, too much of a good thing can happen. The emotional aspect of the record becomes monotonous. Part of this is because of the consistent warm guitar tone and how overly played it becomes. While Matthias "MS" Sollak (guitars/bass/drums) tends to dip his instrumentals into lulling periods; he's able to introduce elements to save the record. Michael "JJ" V. Wahntraum (vocals) is pretty straightforward in his delivery and doesn't bring anything truly spectacular to the music.

“Tomb Omnia” tosses in some rock-like flavor into the mix—the guitars and drumming swinging in with a vibrant catchiness. While that warm guitar tone makes a strong appearance once again, the overall structure of the track is so exhilarating that it actually helps the track from becoming too monotonous. While "Stillborn" draws from previous elements heard before, it also tosses in a huge surprise when it becomes an upbeat folk-like jam. The higher guitar pitch pulls in this vibrant dance appeal that spikes the wildness that exudes from its progression. This is one of the most entertaining tracks. It's blast beats rage forward and the instrumentation rises with a playful energy.

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Harakiri for the Sky clearly know how to create deeply emotional material. There are times where things become monotonous, but overall the band is able to provide enough quality to keep things lively. Arson is an emotional album that seeps into listener's hearts with blends of heartache and serenity.

Score: 6.5/10


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