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Get Lost In HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY's Blackened Melancholy Of "Fire, Walk With Me"

So this record is going to be all types of good.

So this record is going to be all types of good.

Harakiri For The Sky's coming album Arson isn't exactly one that you'll be blasting in the sunshine in July because it's just such a beach jam. Instead, this is one to put on the speakers this winter and maybe go for a walk out in the bleak, freezing weather.

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Harakiri For The Sky's new song "Fire, Walk With Me" fits the latter description perfectly, and vocalist Michael "J.J." Wahntraum doesn't exactly try to persuade you to think otherwise about the lyrics.

"There is not much to say about the lyrics of this song, as it speaks for itself. A straight song with a forthright and cynical message."

Arson is out this Friday. You should also check out our fairly lengthy interview with the band, which is a great insight into the musical history of Harakiri For The Sky and what to expect from Arson.

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