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CANDLEMASS Announces Nightfall Deluxe Reissue

Plus studio outtakes, rare rehearsal recordings, and more!


Get your wallets ready, because Candlemass is reissuing their 1987 doom classic Nightfall with a ton of bonus material!

The new 3LP set features the entire Nightfall record remastered by Patrick Engel on one LP, alongside two records containing studio outtakes, rare rehearsal recordings, and demo recordings of the songs "Bewitched" and "Battlecry." The set also comes with a Nightfall poster, an eight-page booklet featuring rare band photos, and text originally featured in the Behind The Wall Of Doom book, written by Per Ola Nilsson.

"Nightfall is a record that has been very close to me for 35 years!" said Candlemass bassist and songwriter Leif Edling. "People have talked about it for 35 years, and even loved it for 35 years!! Here's a very impressive package with lots of extra stuff for the jubilee. Should satisfy any fan of metal and also all of you that already bought the album years ago!"

Nightfall runs as follows and is available for pre-order here before its March 10 release.

LP 1

  1. "Gothic Stone (2022 Remaster) [01:00]
  2. "The Well Of Souls (2022 Remaster) [07:17]
  3. "Codex Gigas (2022 Remaster) [02:20]
  4. "At The Gallows End (2022 Remaster) [05:48]
  5. "Samarithan (2022 Remaster) [05:30]
  6. "Marche Funebre (2022 Remaster) [02:22]
  7. "Dark Are The Veils Of Death (2022 Remaster) [07:08]
  8. "Mourner's Lament (2022 Remaster) [06:10]
  9. "Bewitched (2022 Remaster) [06:38]
  10. "Black Candles (2022 Remaster) [02:19]

LP 2

  1. "Dark Are The Veils Of Death (Early Guitar Mix) [07:09]
  2. "At The Gallows End (Early Guitar Mix) [05:49]
  3. "The Well Of Souls (Early Guitar Mix) [07:21]
  4. "Mourner's Lament (Early Guitar Mix) [05:19]
  5. "Samarithan (Early Guitar Mix) [05:31]
  6. "Codex Gigas (Early Guitar Mix) [03:02]
  7. "Bewitched (Early Guitar Mix) [06:33]

LP 3

  • "Dark Are The Veils Of Death v1 (Rehearsal 1987) [06:43]
  • "Codex Gigas (Rehearsal 1987) [02:32]
  • "Dark Are The Veils Of Death v2 (Rehearsal 1987) [06:52]
  • "The Well Of Souls (Rehearsal 1987) [07:08]
  • "Samarithan (Rehearsal 1987) [05:08]
  • "Mourner's Lament (Rehearsal 1987) [05:36]
  • "Bewitched (Demo 1987) [07:11]
  • "Battlecry (Demo 1987) [06:07]
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