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CANDLEMASS Streams Doomy New Song "Porcelain Skull"

Candlemass released The Door to Doom in 2019, which featured vocalist Johan Längquist for the first time since their 1986 landmark record Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. The Door to Doom was originally supposed to be a double album, and instead of trashing the songs they didn't get to finish for the effort, they're releasing them as The Pendulum.

Here's what bassist Leif Edling had to say about the EP and new song "Porcelain Skull."

"I think the video really captures the schizophrenic lyrics to the Porcelain Skull song. It is about the eternal battle with our dark selves. Avatarium did a fine version of it on their latest album but this one is rawer and harder, hits you right in the face!"

The Pendulum is out March 27. Pre-order here.

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Shout out to photographer Rae Chatten.

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