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Latest Slipknot News

Latest News

"To everyone wondering about our new drummer… It's not him."


From Jeramie Kling to Domino Santantonio, we've got some choices.

Latest Slipknot Music Videos

Music Videos

Prepare for the purge now—before it's too late!

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Latest Slipknot Reviews


"The End, So Far contains plenty of powerful moments, and successfully breaks new ground for Slipknot 27 years into their career."


Corey Taylor. Corey. Motherf$%#ing. Taylor. Finally, the most electrifying man in music entertainment has come back to turn our candy asses inside out, with...


Slipknot have easily released their best music in the last 15 years.

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Latest Slipknot Live Footage

Live Footage

It's the show where the "Wait And Bleed" video was shot.

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