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…And the Winner of the 2014 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Grammy Is…

Jeff Hanneman snubbed, Black Sabbath celebrated, Slipknot & Killswitch Engage arrive in style.

Jeff Hanneman snubbed, Black Sabbath celebrated, Slipknot & Killswitch Engage arrive in style.

The Grammys were last night, but don't feel too bad for missing it… it's not like the Grammys actually care about metalheads. For one, they merged the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal categories to "Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Performance," and of course, the award hasn't been on the main ceremony for at least a decade.

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To make matters worse, during the annual In Memoriam tribute video, Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was not included. This despite Slayer being five time nominees and two-time winners. Way to go, guys!

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Further snubbing hard rock, the ceremony ended with a collaborative performance between Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Linday Buckingham, but I guess they were running late, or just didn't give a fuck because they ran credits over the performance… the ultimate insult for these artists, who no doubt spent the better part of the last week (or longer) crafting this performance. Here is the only video I could find, on Perez Hilton of all places. The disgusting cut-aways happen at around 4:30…

Anyway, let's talk awards. Shocking absolutely nobody, the most recognizable band in the Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal performance category won. That band of course, is Black Sabbath for their track "God Is Dead?"

Sabbath Grammy win

Other nominees included:

Anthrax – “T.N.T.” (AC/DC cover)
Dream Theater – “The Enemy Inside“
Killswitch Engage – “In Due Time“
Volbeat – “Room 24” (feat. King Diamond)

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Elsewhere, the young upstarts in Led Zeppelin won "Best Rock Album" for their Celebration Day live CD. According to the Grammy board, the best rock album of the year is a live album with songs from over 30 years ago. I love Led Zep as much as the next guy, but COME ON GRAMMYS!

To further point out how the Grammy board just picks the most recognizable name, the collaboration between Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic & Pat Smear for the track "Cut Me Some Slack" won Best Rock Song. "Paul McCartney? We know him… give 'em the award" – Grammy board.

Black Sabbath were presenters, introducing Ringo Starr and somebody in the back thought it was a great idea for Ozzy to start the talks. Ozzy completely botched his lines. I wish I had video of this, but the Grammy board hates you.

The one saving grace is that Metallica performed "One" at the Grammys with Lang Lang, and it was quite the spectacle. We have video.

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Some metalheads even walked the red carpet. Clown of Slipknot wins this round:

Slipknot Crown Grammys

Black Sabbath Grammys

Metallica Grammys 2014

Metallica Kirk Nina Hammett Grammys 2014

Metallica Lars Ulrich Jessica Miller Grammys 2014

Metallica Robert Chloe Trujillo Grammys 2014

Volbeat Grammys

Anthrax Grammys

Killswitch Engage at the Grammys 2014

Finally, here are some red carpet interviews:

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