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ZAKK WYLDE Recalls Disgusting Revenge On OZZY OSBOURNE For His "Building Clearing" Farts

A very shitty revenge.


As Ozzy Osbourne celebrates his 1991 album No More Tears turning 30 this year, guitarist Zakk Wylde looks back on some of the less-publicized portions of the recording process. According to Wylde in an interview with Metal Hammer, Osbourne used to rip some seriously bad farts that could clear a building.

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"Ozzy had these stink bombs he just kept letting off. You could use them to clear fucking buildings, not rooms," said Wylde. "Ozzy would be there at the back, 'Sorry…' and we'd be gagging, 'Ozzy what the FUCK?!' They were worried he wouldn't be able to finish the record."

Wylde, alongside drummer Randy Castillo, got their revenge in the grossest way possible.

"Every day Oz had this couch that he’d sit on to watch World War 2 videos or whatever, so I take my enormous shit in this bag and cut a tiny little hole, sliding it in until it’s properly hidden up the back of the couch.

"Meanwhile, Randy [Castillo] goes and takes a shit in some Tupperware, which he then stores in the fridge for later."

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Read the full interview here.

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