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Shocking Revelations

SLIPKNOT's Clown Annonces First Solo Performance

What will a solo performance from Clown of Slipknot look like?

What will a solo performance from Clown of Slipknot look like?

Earlier today, we posted the lineup to the Montebello Rock Festival, and one artist on the lineup stuck out to us was "Clown of Slipknot."

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Clown, aka M. Shaun Crahan, has never played a solo show. This begs the question what material will he be playing?

He does have two side projects, To My Surprise and Dirty Little Rabbits – he certainly could get some session musicians to play a set of some of those songs. But both of those projects didn't exactly blow up the charts. He's being advertised as "Clown of Slipknot," so one imagines he would be performing with his mask on.

Clown is ever the showman, so we can expect some sort of weird visuals with whatever his performance ends up being. This is the guy who wanted to import camel manure and burn in on the Knotfest festival grounds, before the local authorities stepped in and didn't allow him the permit, so who knows what could be expected from a solo performance?

Perhaps Clown would tease some new Slipknot material? Clown has said he and Jim Root are actively working on Slipknot songs and sending them to Corey Taylor via email. In past interviews, Clown noted there are  27 new song ideas floating and as of the the beginning of November, Clown claims the band have seven or eight songs completed. Corey Taylor has begun working on his own set of lyrics, as he's shown on social media.

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All eyes will be on Clown in June. We'll keep you posted on what he actually does.

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