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SLIPKNOT Is Working On Material For A New Album Right Now

"We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years."

"We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years."

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor might be off doing a new Stone Sour album and eventual tour, but that isn't stopping Slipknot from working on a new album. According to percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan in an interview with WRIF radio show Meltdown, the band is working on new material, and is consulting Taylor via email regarding new songs.

"Well, we're writing as a band, and with Corey as well. Yes, we're off, and we're off for a while — for a long while. Okay, [it's] much needed. We'd been touring for three years. Corey's doing what he does, which is Stone Sour, which is awesome. And he's living that life, which is awesome, 'cause he does really well and love it; it's his art. So he does that. And we're writing. We're beginning to write some music for Slipknot for the new record. He's aware of it… So while we're writing, he's getting songs."

"But we're not just gonna sit around… some of us aren't just gonna sit around, because we've done that for twenty years, " he explained. "We just feel like writing. We've had so much fun writing The Gray Chapter, and people that started writing together during this album cycle never wrote together in fifteen years, so things are a little bit different and it's amazing and it's fun, and we have a good time."

He adds that Slipknot has been working on new material as they've been touring, and now that they've got some downtime, they can really focus on it.

"We don't need big, fancy studios or stuff to write. We can just go to each other's houses and write, you know what I mean? Does that mean we're in the studio? Why would we go in the studio and just spend a bunch of money right now? No. We're writing, though. We're writing for the new record, and Corey gets songs. We have a lot of stuff already that we wrote out on the road for the last three years. We have songs that we've written that are amazing."

Maybe Slipknot should try to raise $750,000 for a headquarters, this way they can make albums quicker?

Those hoping to get new Slipknot soon better exhale. Corey Taylor has gone on record saying that while the band may have begun writing new material, they're not scheduled to enter the studio for at least another year and a half.

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