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Sarah McLachlan Turned Down An Appearance on FEAR FACTORY's Obsolete

sarah dino

Fear Factory's classic album, Obsolete, celebrated a 20th anniversary earlier this week, and in celebration, guitarist Dino Cazares shared some interesting facts about the album.

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The first fact he shared was "We recorded the album in Vancouver Canada and a very talented artist by the name of
[Madchild] rewrote the verse lyrics to Edgecrusher, so the verse rhythm could sound harder and flow better."

But it was the second fact that raises some eyebrows: "We asked the alternative singer Sarah McLachlan to sing on the song Timelessness but when she heard how heavy the band was she declined. If u don’t who she is google her."

This would certainly be a unique occurrence, if you also take into consideration that Sarah McLachlan was a massive star at this point, riding the wave of the success of Lilith Fair, so it would be fair to assume that she was most likely too busy to do this.

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[via MetalSucks]

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