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OZZY's Latest Injury is Because “He Tripped Over A Shoe Getting Into Bed After Peeing”


ozzy osbourne
Photo by Ross Halfin

This just wasn't Ozzy Osbourne's year. He had a serious bout with pneumonia that almost saw the Prince of Darkness leave this plane of existence. After recovering, he suffered a second injury that resulted in the rest of his touring commitments for the year postponed.

While his wife, Sharon, explained on her talk show that " Ozzy fell in the middle of the night and dislodged metal rods in his back, neck and shoulders from an old injury," we got a bit more specific detail from Ozzy's son, Jack, recently.

Speaking to Sirius XM’s Jim Norton and Sam Roberts show, Ozzy’s son, Jack, revealed just how his dad got hurt. “He tripped over a shoe getting into bed after peeing.”

Jeez, that's got to be a bit embarrassing. Way to blow up your dad's spot, Jack.

Jack, was making the rounds promoting his new show on The Travel Channel, Portals To Hell, and when asked about Ozzy's status by The Jenny McCarthy Show he responded: "He's doing really well. He's good. He's getting back on his feet, so he's good."

In an interview with People, Jack elaborated saying:

"He's doing good. He's back to being his cynical old self, [which] is always a good sign. When he's complaining about mundane things, you know he's good. Yeah, he's back to normal. When everything on TV sucks and everything in the house is broken, he's in a good spot."

Ozzy previously announced that the touring plans for this year are looking to be rescheduled for February 2020. Fans who held onto their original tickets will still see the seats honored, but refunds are also available.

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