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Shocking Revelations


Weston Coppola Cage, the son of Nicolas Cage is a known black metal musician. He was the frontman in the now-disbanded LA black metal band,  Eyes of Noctum and is currently working on a solo black metal project called Allone. Recently, Weston was interviewed by Illogical Contraption and revealed that his famous Hollywood dad doesn't mind black metal himself.  

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When asked by the hosts if Nic Cage digs his band and black metal in general, Weston responded:

He's really appreciated that sort of music. Him and I have had conversation about black metal before. At first he was like "what does it promote?" and I just gave him an idea of what we're trying to do and he said "Well that sounds very honest."

The hosts then ask if Nic listens to any black metal:

He likes Darkthrone and he likes Satyricon as well.

Can somebody please get Nic Cage and Fenriz from Darkthrone in a room together? Pretty please?!

Video of Nicolas Cage headbanging has surfaced. Also, maybe Nic should check out the grindcore band CAGE which samples his on-screen freakouts.

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Meanwhile, here's some Eyes of Noctum live footage:

[via Shreddit]

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