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METALLICA On Justin Bieber: "Are we Beliebers? Yes."

The internet might just explode due to this story.

Last week, we posted that video of Justin Bieber humming the solo to Metallica's "Fade To Black" and there was mass amounts of butthurt. Metallica themselves were interviewed recently, and I guess the story got back to the interviewer, because they asked Metallica about Bieber, and shocker…

James Hetfield says:

"Are we Beliebers? Yes."

Now obviously, James' tone did not come through in the response. He could've meant it sincerely and he could've been sarcastic about it. Lars Ulrich gave more serious answer:

"Is it possible to have respect for him without being a Belieber? I think the kid's really talented and obviously to go through what he's going through at that early age must be a mindfuck. So the fact that he still goes out there and does it, I admire that and I think he's super talented, so I guess I am kind of a Belieber. If he likes 'One', and Liam Gallagher likes him, OK, there you go."

Bassist Rob Trujillo added "As long as he stays out of trouble, I'll be a Belieber." So overall, the band is being polite and not trying to step on any toes.

If nothing else, this Bieber news did inspire our fantastic "Photoshop Bieber Into A Metal Photo" contest which spurned hilarious results.

[ Q Magazine via Blabbermouth]

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