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The Winner Of Our "Photoshop Justin Bieber into a Classic Metal Photo" Is Hilarious…

Last week, in lieu of this absurd video of Justin Bieber humming Metallica's "Fade To Black", we launched a contest asking you to Photoshop Biebz into a classic metal photo and boy, did you guys deliver. 

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Without question, the most awesome Photoshop (seen above) comes from Maeik with Lady Justice holding up Justin's decapitated head. Great work! For your troubles you will receive a ton of free CDs and  $15 Google Play card courtesy of Pinball Rocks!, the new game available for  iOS and Android.

We had a lot of great submissions, so I wanted to highlight some of the runners up and their fantastic work.

A close second was this submission from crashhardbanger, throwing Bieber into the classic Pantera cover of Vulgar Display of Power, doing something we all probably thought about at one point:


Here's Bieber's selfie on the cover of Mayhem's Dawn of the Black Hearts hanging out with dead vocalist, uh, Dead, thanks to Maerchkque


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Biebz being shit out by a cow on the cover of Cattle Decapitation's album. thanks to crashhardbanger


More great Bieber photoshops on the next page… 

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