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MARILYN MANSON Explains How He Got Kicked Out Of Christian School

It involves his grandfather's dildo. Of course it does.

It involves his grandfather's dildo. Of course it does.

Marilyn Manson's PR blitz continues. His new album, Heaven Upside Down comes out next week and Manson has been doing a lot of talking.

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In the last few weeks, we've learned about how he settled his feud with Justin Bieber, how he and Trent Reznor made peace and now we learn about how he got kicked out of Christian school. Manson attributes the reason to bringing his grandfather's dildo to school. Ultimate Guitar transcribed this part of his interview with Zane Low:

"I unfortunately got stuck playing triangle in high-school band when I left Christian school. I was cast out for putting my grandfather's dildo in the Bible teacher's desk, Mrs. Price. And she wore a control-top pantyhose, so that probably became the fetish for me – pantyhose and things like that.

"And I did not realize that when I went to public school, it was the same bus stop, except I was a kid that used to be at Christian. So I got my ass beat the old-fashioned way. Not cyber bullied, just regular bullied. Which was not fun. But it was the beginning of school, I was trying to make a transition, so I joined the band. I started playing the triangle, and that's when I just heard music for the first time in the Christian school.

"They said, 'Don't listen to this.' They played Led Zeppelin backwards, Black Sabbath, and they played KISS. And they were convinced that it was 'Knights In Satan's Service.' Friday was called chapel. Sounds like a cult, because technically they would be very hard to differentiate. When I made [1996's] 'Antichrist Superstar,' it was against my Christian upbringing.

"My parents were not very religious, they told me they wanted me to go to a Christian school to get a better education, probably not knowing that it would create this. Or maybe they did! Maybe they were fortuitous and they thought, 'We will create this monster people will deal with by sending him to Christian school.' "Like sort of a tough love. I'm just giving credits to my dad."

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Haven't all gotten in trouble for bringing a family member's dildo to school? Sure, if you're read Manson's biography, this story isn't shocking, but just a fun tidbit before the weekend for the rest of you.

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