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Shocking Revelations

DREAM THEATER Announce New Drummer

Phew! I thought this charade would never end, but Dream Theater has in fact announced Mike Portnoy's replacement by welcoming Mike Mangini! It kind of makes me wonder if the fact they both share the same first name has anything to do with it. You know, like when you accidentally call your new girlfriend by your ex-girlfriends name and she gets all upset with you. Smooth move DT, I see what you did there.

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Let's not take away from the fact Mike Mangini is a great drummer, and fits the band in more ways than one. A teacher at Petrucci and Myung's alma mater, and drummer on Labrie's Elements of Persuasion solo record, I'm sure they already have a lot to talk about. I still think we haven't heard the last of the Portnoy/Dream Theater era, but for now I'm looking forward to seeing what Mangini will bring to the table. If you missed part 3 of the DT reality show where they welcome a very emotional Mangini to the fold, you can catch the entire documentary right here.

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