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BURZUM's Varg Vikernes Details His French Arrest In Odd New Blog Posts

Varg Vikernes is an odd individual. After being arrested last week at his home in France on suspicions of planning a terrorist act and being eventually freed after French authorities had nothing on him, the Burzum mastermind, who neighbors described as "always smiling" took to the interwebs to blog about the experience and the resulting passages seem a bit odd. 

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Odd because he seems so calm in his writing, and very polite towards the French police who broke into his home. Varg posted a SIX-PART blog  talking about the incident and I still haven't gotten through all of it. There are some odd non-sequiturs including the type of underwear Varg was wearing when being arrested:

Sorry to digress, but some times when you buy underwear you get three underpants in one package, and for some reason at least one of these are always in some horrible colour, and of course I was wearing such a pair of underpants on Thuesday morning. A pair of strikingly orange underpants. Having been repeatedly dragged out into the street or prison hallways or similar in my underwear before, by the Norwegian police or prison guards, I thought to myself that this was going to repeat itself and I would be photographed with my little belly, my thin hair, my tanned arms in great contrast to my pale body and — wearing horribly orange underpants. (Everybody would believe that I was actually Dutch…)

When talking about the police breaking into his house, he couldn't be more polite:

“Having found nothing whatsoever in our rental house or on our property suggesting in any way that my wife and I had any criminal plans, the police officers were left with trying to make us talk ourselves into trouble, to put it that way. Only they didn’t actually seem to be too interested in ‘getting’ us. Instead they tried to get clarity. I was shocked! Having experience with the band of thugs known as the Norwegian criminal police, who never seemed to care for anything but getting me and everybody else they arrested, no matter what, I was talking to policemen who were instead doing their job, like common people expect them to do and like they are supposed to do. No false testimonies. No fabricated evidence. No planting of illegal items on our property. No desperate attempts to make everything I said sound as if I was rotten to the core. No obviously deliberate misunderstandings of what I actually said. No attempts to put Marie and me up against each other. Nothing, save some confusion regarding what had been confiscated where and who had been present when this had been done. At the same time the local policemen in Brive behaved exemplary too, all of them and all the time. They were polite and professional. No screaming of vulgarities to the incarcerated. No threatening behavior. No disparaging laughing or exposure of us to ridicule or other unpleasantries. No misuse of power. Wow! France was really different. At that time I felt a bit ashamed for being Norwegian. Maybe civilization had not yet reached Norway after all.”

Varg was not as complementive about the superiors at the French Ministry of the Interior who were trying to frame him as an evil guy. It's pretty fascinating if you have time to read it all. You can read them all here.

[via MetalSucks / Metal Insider]

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