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Scene Report: Top 10 Metal Bands from Serbia

The following Scene Report was written by guest contributor Darko Živkovic of the Serbian Metal webzine. Scene Report is a new feature where we focus on a specific region or country and expose all the different bands out of that region.

Serbia is a small country situated in Eastern Europe with more than seven million inhabitants. The biggest country in former Yugoslavia, known to many for its political activities, century-long wars, NATO bombing, but also for far nicer things.

One of the most influential inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla, was a Serb. As was mathematician Mileva Marić Einstein, Albert Einstein's wife. Sports stars like renowned tennis player Novak Đoković and basketball great Vlade Divac, anyone? Maybe the most famous musician with Serbian origins is Alex Lifeson from prog greats Rush, whose real name is Aleksandar Živojinović. Don't forget Ivana Ivy Vujić played bass for Kittie from 2007-2012 and Serbian singer Atterigner (Triumfall) sang in full latest Gorgoroth's release Instinctus Bestialis. Today, we want to go deep into the Serbian metal scene to expose you to some bands you may not have heard of in the past. Here are 10 bands you should know about:


Bloodbath is a death trash metal band created in 1987, long before the Swedish Bloodbath (1998). Before they stopped playing in 1995, the Serbian version of Bloodbath left behind an EP and two full-length albums. There is a myth that the bands Vader and Samael were opening for them in former Czechoslovakia.

Bombarder (Bomber)

Originally founded in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1986, nowadays they operate in Belgrade. One of the first speed/thrash metal bands in this region, Bombarder released their seventh album this year! All lyrics are written in Serbian and they never stood up from that. The tribute album “Hail to Bombarder” was published in 2013.


They are considered to be the first Serbian black metal act and the pioneers of this genre in Eastern Europe. This duo was also the first in Serbia to have a contract with a foreign record label, in this case Austrian CCP Records, who released their only album in 1996. The band fell apart in the late '90s.


Not a pure metal band, but crucial for our music scene since it is one of the first bands that combined metal, hardcore and reggae. Founded in 1994, fell apart in 2016. Six studio albums are part of their legacy. They were on tour with Soulfly and on the their album Prophecy you can find the song "Moses," which is actually Eyesburn feat. Max Cavalera track. Also, Nemanja Kojić Coyote, the frontman of the band, was a guest on the album Dark Ages (Innerspirit).

The Stone

Probably the best and the longest lasting Serbian black metal band of all time. Created in 1996, with seven excellent albums, lot of EPs and splits released, and they performed on many European tours. They used to be called Stone to Flesh. Their record label is Folter Records from Berlin.


Progressive/power metal group formed in 2000, after the breakdown of a death metal band Psychoparadox.  Alogia managed to get the media attention closer to metal music, which is not usual in Serbia. They also made a lot of music videos. Currently they have four albums, including the album with lyrics written in English which was published by Locomotive Music from Spain. They were an opening act for Apocalyptica and Whitesnake. The singer of this band is also the frontman of an international melodic metal band Eden's Curse.


One of the most popular and most active bands in Serbia. Started as a doom metal band, now they are more in a prog/post/stoner genre. Five studio albums so far, the last three were mixed by Aaron Harris (ex-Isis). New album coming out in 2017.

David Maxim Micić/Destiny Potato

Currently, probably the most famous metal musician from Serbia. David is a student of Berklee and one of the most interesting prog/djent guitarists present on world's scene. He's published few EPs so far. The man's videos have millions of views on social media networks. Along his solo career, he formed a band called Destiny Potato which played on many European festivals such as Euroblast or UK Tech Fest. The only album they have released was supposed to be published by Century Media, but the contract was cancelled.


Playing since 2002. Band that is crushing everything in front of them. Fierce death trash metal division that seems to appear more and more on European metal scene. They recorded four albums, the last one was pressed on vinyl for Spanish Xtreem Music. Right now they are preparing new material.


Groove metal combo that formed in 2004. In 2007, they won the Metal Battle Competition and as the first band in history of ex-Yugoslav republics got the chance to perform on Wacken Open Air festival. They released their debut album in 2010, and recorded the last single in 2015. This year they performed alongside Paradise Lost and Jinjer.

If you want to find out more about Serbian metal, official portal can be found here:

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We are looking for suggestions for the next Scene Report. Does your region have a great scene that people should know about? Email us at hatemail [at] metalinjection [dot] net with your pitch.

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