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Music We Missed: LOS MALES DEL MUNDO Descent Towards Death


2021 saw a huge outpouring of top tier black metal projects from around the globe. Many have been covered here at Metal Injection, but more than a few have slipped past our eyes. One such project is Los Males Del Mundo, a ferocious band hailing from Buenos Ares, Argentina. Their debut full length Descent Towards Death arrived in February of this year. Alas, better late than ever, because lord almighty, this one rips.

Descent Towards Death is a bleak and blistering attack that pierces the soul like a Morgul blade. Their style of black metal piles on thick, melancholy guitar melodies, reminiscent of 90's acts like Satyricon, Emperor, and Old Man's Child. The latter comparison especially holds true in the drumming department. Percussionist, vocalist and founding member Dany Tee blasts through a thunderous drum performance on par with a Gene Hoglan or Horgh type.

A song like "Eternal Circle Of Vain Efforts" is one example of their tortured yet beautiful efforts. This one deviates between a world-weary guitar twang at mid tempo, to racing blast beats and pounding double bass, laid atop the dueling hyperspeed guitar riffs of Cristian Yans.

Dany Tee's vocals bite across a venomous spectrum on Descent Towards Death, especially on a scorching number like "Nothing But A Lie." Tee's range covers howling high screams, sure to please Cradle Of Filth fans, along with raspy mid-range shrieks, cavernous growls, and a few tormented hardcore-style wails.

Another noteworthy aspect of Descent Towards Death: It's the result of an entirely remote collaboration across continents, featuring Nikita Kamprad of Germany's Der Weg Einer Freiheit on production and bass guitar duties. It marks Kamprad's second effort with the band since their self-titled EP in 2020.

"After listening to the demos, I immediately knew it was something big and I felt a deep connection to the music the two guys wrote," said Kamprad. "As they took over the drum, guitar and vocal recordings by themselves but had no one playing the bass at that time, I proposed to take over this part in this new project – only for the recordings for now. After I finished the mix and mastering and finally the music was released under the name of Los Males Del Mundo, they got quite some recognition over the course of the following months and I just threw in the idea that whenever they plan to hit the stage with this band, I'd be happy to play the bass, although the Atlantic ocean divides us and we have never met in person until today."

That's one hell of a heavy metal pen pal story! Nikita further commented on the future plans for Los Males Del Mundo:

"With this idea and more and more people getting to know the band, Dany and Cris decided to make Los Males Del Mundo a live band indeed, and just see what happens after the pandemic when international touring is possible and reasonable again – which we all hope for, of course. As the band also needed a live drummer, we asked Der Weg Einer Freiheit drummer Tobias Schuler if he's up to play drums whenever there are live shows with Los Males Del Mundo, and he happily accepted together with our common friend Stefan Dietz on the second guitar (playing in bands such as Horresque, Nocte Obducta, Schammasch)."

So, it appears the fruits of their "Heavy Burden" will yield live concerts sometime in the near future for Los Males Del Mundo. Meanwhile, Nikita's project Der Weg Einer Freiheit released their newest full length album, Noktvrn, in November via Season of Mist.

Listen to Los Males Del Mundo Descent Towards Death here.

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