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Starbucks Apologizes To Religious Woman After Barista Drew 666 In Her Drink

Posted by on April 2, 2014 at 4:44 pm

We love a good satanic story, whether it has to do with teaching kids to worship Satan, pentagram bikinis, or Satanic religious freedom.

Today's satanic update comes from…uhh Starbucks? The corporate coffee makers recently apologized to a Louisiana teacher after she had ordered two beverages with caramel cream on them. The barista thought it'd be funny to draw a pentagram and the numbers "666" on 'em, you know, for giggles. But this woman was none too pleased.

The woman left feedback with Starbucks, forgiving the pentagram saying it might've just been a star because that's in the Starbucks logo, but the 666 made her want to leave immediately:

“I unfortunately can’t give the young man’s name who served it, because I was so appalled that I could not bring myself to look at him,” the woman wrote in her post. “I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, (but) I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others.”

I have to say, for somebody being upset, she is being quite classy about it:

“I am a teacher in the public school system and if I were to present a child of atheist or pagan believers with a Christian art project I could be sued in a heartbeat,” Pinion said. “I am of Catholic faith and would love to share in my beliefs daily. Fortunately I have enough common sense to present myself with professionalism and follow an ethics code. Perhaps that could be suggested to that particular location.”

I'm sure the barista was kidding, but I have to say, as silly as it seems on the surface, I understand this woman's plight. Starbucks apologized to the woman and is taking the complaint seriously, but has not been able to identify the Iron Maiden fan barista.

One thing not being reported on is what happened with those drinks!

[via Raw Story]

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