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By the time that this goes up, I will have just seen Black Sabbath again (writing this Sunday night since I'm seeing them Monday). I saw them in 2005 or so and was pleasantly surprised with their performance. Videos haven't been making them look so hot lately though. Regardless, Black fucking Sabbath. Still stoked.

To the metals…

Avenged Sevenfold – Hail to the KingAvenged-Sevenfold-Hail-to-the-King

Genre: Heavy Metal
Origin: Huntington Beach, California
Label: Warner Brothers

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Long time fans ave hopefully accepted that their once-metalcore heroes are long gone and in their place are these modern radio-friendly metal cliches. Zachy Vengeance and Synyster Gates (it pained me to actually type that out) are still a better guitar duo then most bands at their level of fame, which is something at least. At this point, you know what you'd get here. If you don't like them already, go about your day. If you are a fan. get stoked. Stream it here before you buy. Oh and shout out to "Slayer of Posers" for applauding us for not mentioning this release last week, here it is just for you.

Devildriver – Winter KillsDevilDriver-Winter-Kills

Genre: Groove Metal
Origin: Santa Barbara, California
Label: Napalm

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Dez Fafara and friends have returned with their sixth studio album and the band decided to take an interesting approach on this record. The band seemingly decided to make the entire album a public service announcement focused on the dangers of cold weather by calling it Winter Kills. Wise choice Mr. Fafara. It's due time that people learn. Anyway, fans should love it as they are a band that is able to evolve without dipping in quality, and not-so-fans should at least seek out the cover no one asked for with Devildriver covering the Awolnation song "Sail." It's actually pretty good. Peep Chuck's full review here.

Nekrogoblikon – PowerNekrogoblikon-Power-800x800

Genre: Folk Metal
Origin: Santa Barabara, California
Label: Goblin

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This is one of the weirder bands out now. I kinda love them for it. It's like folk metal mixed with chaos and a lil 8-bit nonsense. A wonderful EP.

Puscifer – All Re-Mixed Uppusciferallremixedup

Genre: Alternative Rock/Trip Hop
Origin: California
Label: Puscifer Entertainment

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I know we've all been wanting that collaboration between Tool and large ass spokesman Sir Mix-A-Lot, but that wait will have to continue. However, Mix-a-lot is featured, along with many others, on the new Puscifer remix album. Unsurprisingly it is a collection of remixed versions of songs from the last Puscifer disc Conditions of My Parole. If you dug that, you might dig this.

Blackfield – IVBF4

Genre: Prog Rock
Origin: Ramat Gan, Israel & Kingston upon Thames, England
Label: Kscope

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This one is for the queen of the LIVECAST, Noa (Love me some Porcupine Tree too). If you are unfamiliar with them, this is the long-running collaboration between Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson and Aviv Geffen. For the most part it is on the more relaxed side of prog rock. Think Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Album. I'm a big Wilson fan and was bummed to find he only sings lead on two tracks, but it's not bad over all.

Tarja – Colours in the DarkTarja_Colours-In-The-Dark_Special-Edition_0208795ERE

Genre: Operatic Metal
Origin: Kitee, Finland
Label: Armoury

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The once Nightwish singers has returned with her fourth solo album. I'm actually surprised that it has almost been ten years since she left the band. She's build quite the catalog of songs that sound exactly like Nightwish (this is of course if you are, like me, not up on your Finnish operatic acts). This can be the soundtrack for the next time you're shopping for capes, fairy posters, and dragon shit. Side note: just get the purple cape, we both know you will anyway.

Also dropping today…

Bone Dance – Snakecharmers (Melotov)
Diesto – For Water Or Blood (Eolian Empire)
End Of Green – Painstream (Napalm)
Exitus – Statutum Est Hominibus Mori (Svart)
Infanticide – Misconception Of Hope (Willowtip)
Isis – Celestial Re-Release (Ipecac)
Michael Monroe – Horns And Halos (Spinefarm)
Ministry – Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012 DVD/CD (13th Planet)
Northless – World Keeps Sinking (Halo of Flies)
Pursuing The End – Symmetry Of Scorn (Bakerteam)
Saprogenic – Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs (Willowtip)
Self Defense Family – The Corrections Officer in Me(Family Drugs)
Speedtrap – Powerdose (Svart)
Until Rain – Anthem, To Creation (Escape)

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