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AVENGED SEVENFOLD Stream Hail To The King In Full

Avenged Sevenfold have gone through their fair share of turbulence during the process of announcing Hail to the King, but it's finally (kind of) here! Come on in and stream the new record; I promise it's actually pretty good.

Check out the stream right here on iTunes and get back to us via the comments section on what you think!

Hail to the King took me by surprise something fierce, as I was really expecting to sit here and hate on this record from start to finish. I ended up bobbing my head the whole time and singing some of the choruses as I was learning them. it's a straightforward metal record that doesn't try to be all artsy like the band did with their Nightmare record, and doesn't get all "experimental" like their self-titled did. This is the record that should've followed up City of Evil but ended up taking a wrong turn and arrived ate to the party… but whatever, it's here and that's what counts. I'd comment on which tracks I liked best, but the iTunes stream only streams it as one long song. There's one song on here that starts around 13:50 that's so Metallica it's ridiculous.

You can pick up Hail to the King on August 27, pre-order it here.

[thanks MetalSucks]

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