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Now that Diego "Ashes" Ibarra and Neal Tiemann are out.

Latest Devildriver Music Videos

Music Videos

We've heard two singles from the next Devildriver album, “Keep Away From Me” and "Iona" and today, we get our third taste. "Nest of...

Music Videos

When Devildriver released the first song from their upcoming double album, "Keep Away From Me," some compared their new sound to Gojira. But this...

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In following up 2016's Trust No One, DevilDriver decided to record a covers album. Eschewing typical metal band cover fare, Dez Fafara and company...


If you’re a diehard fan of Devildriver, then you are going to rejoice at their reformation and Trust No One. But if you’re not...


By the time that this goes up, I will have just seen Black Sabbath again (writing this Sunday night since I'm seeing them Monday). I...

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Latest Devildriver Live Footage

Live Footage

It sounds like Coal Chamber, obviously.

Live Footage

13 songs, a little over an hour long, and not filmed on a phone.

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